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The therapeutic benefits of CBD: how does it work?

What is CBD?

CBD or “cannabidiol” is a natural chemical substance derived from the cannabis flower. CBD is the most common molecule (called cannabinoid) in the plant, after the famous THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is known not to reproduce the psychotropic effects of THC. There is no “high” in the programme, but there are many benefits for the well-being of the body. 

What are the beneficial effects of CBD? 

CBD is known for its beneficial effects on the whole body and is used for many common ailments. Its effect on health is potentially proven by numerous scientific studies. It is claimed to relieve chronic pain through its anti-inflammatory properties and to boost the immune system. According to many studies, CBD could combat anxiety and depression thanks to its natural anxiolytic effect. It is also useful for improving sleep quality and reducing insomnia. You will also find it in cosmetics because of its skin properties, it helps to maintain healthy skin and hair. You can also use it in cooking, in the form of oil, to enhance your dishes, thanks to its high concentration in fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) and vitamins. 

CBD could alleviate the symptoms of serious diseases

 Although there are drugs available to relieve the symptoms or side effects of serious illnesses such as cancer, cognitive disorders or certain infections, they are sometimes ineffective and patients wish to turn to other, more natural alternatives. A study of 177 cancer pain sufferers, who did not experience any effects from conventional painkillers, showed that using CBD could significantly reduce their symptoms. 

CBD oil could also be effective for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. It lowers blood pressure and helps to reduce cholesterol. Its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins may help protect against cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. 

Taking CBD could have positive effects on the treatment of cognitive disorders and degenerative diseases by improving memory and protecting the brain from damage. 

CBD could also help fight addictions and cravings for addictive substances such as tobacco, alcohol and others to limit any risk of relapse. A study published in 2019 shows positive results of the effects of CBD on addicted opioid users. 

CBD in all its forms 

Part of the reason for CBD’s popularity is that it is claimed to be ‘non-psychoactive’ and consumers can enjoy the benefits of the plant without experiencing the side effects or the high.

The sale of CBD products is fully legal in many countries, but is still regulated. The THC content must not exceed 1% in Switzerland. Highly sought after for its effects, CBD can be obtained in the form of extracts, CBD infusions, CBD oils, CBD cosmetics, CBD e-liquids for electronic cigarettes or even in food.

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