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How to Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

Understanding the Penis Envy Mushroom

The Penis Envy mushroom is a unique and highly sought-after strain of psilocybin mushrooms. It is characterized by its distinctive appearance, with a thick stem and a small, bell-shaped cap. The name “Penis Envy” is believed to be a nod to the mushroom’s phallic shape and the intense experience it can provide.

The Penis Envy strain was first discovered in the late 1970s and gained popularity in the 1990s. It is known for its high potency, with some estimates suggesting that it can contain up to twice the amount of psilocybin as other strains.

The unique properties of the Penis Envy mushroom have made it a favorite among experienced mushroom enthusiasts and researchers interested in exploring its therapeutic potential.

Materials Needed for Cultivation

To grow Penis Envy mushrooms, you will need several materials, including:

  • Substrate: A nutrient-rich material that serves as the growing medium for the mushrooms. Common substrates include brown rice flour, vermiculite, and coir.
  • Spawn: A small amount of mycelium that has been colonized by the mushroom. Spawn can be obtained from a reputable supplier or grown at home using a sterile technique.
  • Mason jars: Used for sterilizing the substrate and spawning material.
  • Pressure cooker: Used to sterilize the substrate and spawning material.
  • Plastic containers: Used to house the growing substrate and allow for fruiting.
  • Humidifier: Used to maintain optimal humidity levels for the mushrooms.
  • Grow lights: Used to provide the mushrooms with light for optimal growth.

Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Penis-Envy Mushrooms

  1. Preparation of the substrate

  • Combine the substrate material with water and vermiculite in a large mixing bowl.
  • Sterilize the substrate mixture in mason jars using a pressure cooker.
  • Allow the substrate to cool and add spawn to the jars.
  • Allow the jars to colonize in a dark, warm location.
  1. Inoculation and colonization

  • Prepare plastic containers with pre-cut holes for airflow.
  • Transfer colonized substrate into plastic containers.
  • Allow the substrate to colonize further in a warm, dark location.
  1. Fruiting and harvest

  • Once the substrate has fully colonized, move the containers to an area with indirect light.
  • Maintain humidity levels of around 90% using a humidifier.
  • Monitor the temperature and aim for a range of 70-75°F (21-24°C).
  • After a few days, small pins (tiny mushroom heads) should begin to appear.
  • As the mushrooms grow, mist the surface of the substrate with water to maintain humidity levels.
  • Harvest the mushrooms when the caps have fully opened, but before they start to drop spores.
  1. Maintenance

  • After harvesting, remove any remaining mushrooms and discard the substrate.
  • Clean and sterilize all materials and equipment before starting a new cultivation cycle.
  • Store any unused spawn in a cool, dry location.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Despite following all necessary precautions, issues may arise during the cultivation process. Common issues include contamination, mold growth, and insufficient fruiting. To avoid these problems, ensure that all materials and equipment are properly sterilized and that the growing environment is maintained at optimal conditions.

If issues do arise, it is important to take swift action to prevent further damage to the crop. Removing contaminated substrates and sterilizing all materials can help to prevent the further spread of contaminants.

While growing Penis Envy mushrooms can be a rewarding experience, there are potential issues that may arise during the process. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

  • Contamination: If mold or other contaminants appear on the substrate, discard it immediately to prevent the spread of contamination. Sterilize all equipment and start over with fresh materials.
  • Slow growth: If the mushrooms are growing slowly, check the temperature and humidity levels to ensure they are optimal. Consider increasing the light cycle or adjusting the air flow.
  • Drying out: If the mushrooms are drying out, increase the humidity levels and decrease the temperature to prevent moisture loss.
  • Small yields: If the yield is small, consider adjusting the substrate mixture or increasing the spawn-to-substrate ratio.

Safety Precautions

Growing mushrooms can be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. Mushrooms can contain harmful contaminants and toxins that can cause illness or even death if ingested. Always wear protective gloves and a face mask when handling substrate and mushrooms, and sterilize all equipment thoroughly before use.

It is also important to dispose of all materials properly, as mushroom spores and contaminated materials can be harmful to the environment. Never release mushroom spores into the wild, and dispose of all materials in a sealed plastic bag or container.

It is essential to follow proper safety precautions when growing mushrooms to prevent harm or damage. Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Use high-quality materials and maintain a sterile environment to prevent contamination.
  • Wear gloves and a mask when handling the substrate to prevent inhalation of spores.
  • Sterilize all equipment thoroughly before and after use to prevent the spread of contamination.
  • Do not consume any mushrooms that appear abnormal or contaminated.
  • Dispose of all materials properly and follow all local regulations for waste disposal.


Growing Penis Envy mushrooms can be a rewarding and enriching experience, but it requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise. Proper cultivation techniques and safety precautions must be followed to avoid harm or damage.

If you are interested in Penis Envy Eden Shrooms, it is important to seek out additional resources and guidance before attempting to grow them at home. Experienced cultivators and reputable suppliers can provide valuable information and assistance to help you get started on your journey to growing this unique and highly sought-after strain of psilocybin mushroom.

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