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How to Stop Coughing from Weed


Cannabis consumption has become increasingly popular for both recreational and medicinal purposes. However, one common side effect that many users experience is coughing. Whether you’re smoking cannabis or consuming it through other methods, coughing can be an uncomfortable and bothersome symptom. In this article, we’ll explore various strategies to help you alleviate coughing associated with weed consumption.

Understanding the Causes of Coughing

Before delving into remedies, it’s important to understand why coughing occurs when consuming cannabis. When you inhale cannabis smoke or vapor, it irritates the respiratory tract, triggering the cough reflex. This is a natural response aimed at expelling the irritants from your airways. Additionally, cannabis smoke contains compounds that can irritate the throat and lungs, further exacerbating coughing.

Effective Strategies to Minimize Coughing

1. Adjust Your Consumption Method

One effective way to reduce coughing is by adjusting your consumption method. If you typically smoke cannabis, consider trying alternative methods such as vaporization or edibles. Vaporizing heats the cannabis at lower temperatures, producing vapor instead of smoke, which can be gentler on the lungs. Similarly, consuming edibles eliminates the need for inhalation altogether, bypassing the respiratory system entirely.

2. Hydration Is Key

Staying hydrated is crucial for minimizing coughing when consuming cannabis. Drinking water before, during, and after consumption can help soothe the throat and reduce irritation. Hydration also helps thin out mucus, making it easier to expel irritants from the respiratory tract.

3. Take Smaller Doses

If you’re prone to coughing when consuming cannabis, consider taking smaller doses. Taking smaller hits or breaths allows you to control the amount of smoke or vapor entering your airways, reducing the likelihood of triggering a cough reflex. Gradually increasing your tolerance over time can also help minimize coughing.

4. Inhale and Exhale Gently

When inhaling cannabis, avoid forcefully inhaling or exhaling, as this can further irritate the throat and lungs. Instead, take slow, gentle breaths to minimize irritation. Inhaling deeply and exhaling softly can help prevent smoke or vapor from getting trapped in your throat, reducing the urge to cough.

5. Soothe Your Throat

If you do experience coughing, there are several remedies you can try to soothe your throat. Gargling salt water, drinking cold or warm liquids, sucking on hard candy, and using a humidifier can all help alleviate throat irritation and reduce coughing. Taking a break from cannabis consumption until your throat feels better can also provide relief.

6. Choose High-Quality Cannabis Products

The quality of the cannabis products you consume can significantly impact your likelihood of experiencing coughing. Opting for high-quality, well-cured cannabis flowers or reputable cannabis concentrates can help minimize the presence of potentially irritating compounds and contaminants. Additionally, choosing strains that are known for their smooth smoke or vapor, such as those high in CBD or with terpene profiles that are less harsh on the throat, can also contribute to a more enjoyable consumption experience with fewer coughing episodes.

7. Practice Proper Inhalation Techniques

In addition to inhaling and exhaling gently, practicing proper inhalation techniques can further reduce the likelihood of coughing. Instead of taking rapid, shallow breaths, try taking slow, deep breaths when inhaling cannabis smoke or vapor. This allows the lungs to fully expand and reduces the concentration of irritants in each breath, minimizing the likelihood of triggering a cough reflex. Additionally, consider holding each inhalation for a few seconds before exhaling to allow the cannabinoids and terpenes to be absorbed more efficiently without overwhelming the respiratory system.

8. Experiment with Temperature Control

The temperature at which cannabis is smoked or vaporized can also affect its harshness and propensity to cause coughing. Experimenting with temperature control settings on vaporizers or using devices that allow for precise temperature adjustments can help you find the ideal temperature range for minimizing irritation while still extracting the desired cannabinoids and terpenes. Lower temperatures typically produce smoother vapor with fewer irritants, while higher temperatures may result in denser vapor clouds that are more likely to cause coughing.

9. Consider Using Filters or Cooling Devices

For individuals who are particularly sensitive to the harshness of cannabis smoke or vapor, using filters or cooling devices can help reduce irritation and coughing. Filter tips or screens can be inserted into joints or pipes to trap larger particles and reduce the amount of irritants reaching the throat and lungs. Similarly, water pipes or bubblers can cool and moisturize the smoke or vapor, making it gentler on the respiratory system. Some vaporizers also come with built-in cooling systems or attachments that can further enhance the smoothness of the vapor.

10. Monitor Your Environment

The environment in which you consume cannabis can also influence your likelihood of coughing. Exposure to dry air, pollutants, or allergens can exacerbate irritation in the respiratory tract and increase the likelihood of coughing. Whenever possible, try to consume cannabis in environments with adequate humidity levels and good ventilation to minimize irritation. If you’re sensitive to smoke or have respiratory conditions, consider consuming cannabis outdoors or in well-ventilated areas to reduce exposure to irritants.

11. Practice Mindful Consumption

Mindful consumption involves paying attention to your body’s cues and adjusting your consumption habits accordingly. If you notice that certain strains or consumption methods consistently trigger coughing, consider avoiding them or experimenting with alternatives. Additionally, being mindful of your breathing patterns and taking breaks between inhalations can help prevent overexertion of the respiratory system and reduce the likelihood of coughing. Listening to your body and respecting its limits can help you enjoy cannabis more comfortably and responsibly.


Coughing is a common side effect of cannabis consumption, but there are effective strategies to minimize it. By adjusting your consumption method, staying hydrated, taking smaller doses, inhaling and exhaling gently, and soothing your throat, you can alleviate coughing and enjoy a more comfortable cannabis experience. Remember to listen to your body and take breaks as needed. If coughing persists or worsens, consult a healthcare professional for further guidance. With these tips, you can enhance your cannabis consumption experience and minimize discomfort.

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